Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy 19th Jacob!

To my sweet Jacob,
You've been a joy to be around ever since you came into our lives.
After having two outgoing children, it was a surprise to us to have a child so shy.  
Although, you are still a man of few words, you're definitely not shy anymore.
You have a quiet inviting demeanor that makes people feel comfortable yet 
your playful side has us all laughing.
These qualities will serve you well on your mission.

We're so proud of the man you are becoming and 
count you a blessing in our lives.
Happy Birthday!
Love Mom (& Dad)


  1. Happy Birthday, Jacob! We have many fond, fun memories of our time in Colorado Springs together with you! Aunt Mary, Caleb, Chris and Hannah xo xo xo xo

    1. I'll pass the message on. Hope all is going well for you guys! I can't believe how much everyone has grown up! Take Care! Love you!