Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1 week til the MTC!

Ever since I got up this morning, I've been thinking that one week from today, we'll be saying goodbye to Jacob  It's a bit surreal.  This  is something that we've planned for ever since he was young.  And yes, we have sent out our oldest son, Joseph, on a mission, but it still seems unreal that we are at this point.  I guess they'll always be my babies. 

People keep asking when we are driving up to Utah to drop him off. 
We're not.
There was much discussion about it and the fact that we can't go in the MTC with him but have to drop him off outside.  We aren't given much time to say goodbye either, which is probably good.
So we figured if it was going to be a short goodbye, then we'd make it easier and do it at the airport.

I wasn't too keen on the idea and have struggled with the details.  My biggest concern is that he has family dropping him off.  Thankfully, Joseph and Sarah will pick him up at the airport and take care of him.  It does my heart good.

When I'm pushing past my worried thoughts, I'm usually thinking of what a great missionary he'll be.  I'm really more excited for him than anything! 
What a great opportunity to dedicate your life to serving the Lord without any distractions!

1 week, 7 (well, 6) days til it all begins!

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  1. This time is approaching sooner and sooner for my son now, even though he is only a Junior in high school. I appreciate following your journey so I can figure out how to prepare not only him, but MYSELF. :)