Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend happenings

Wow, what a busy weekend!

  • Fri-B-day dinner at Ruby's (hickory burger instead of low cal this time), then Hotel Transylvania with the whole family
  • Sat morn-Took Jacob to the temple for the second time.  This time Grandma and Grandpa W, and Aunt Tammy got to come with us.  While we were there, we saw friends from our stake who were there to support another young man going on a mission.  One of the ladies I work with in Young Women.  When she found out that Jacob was going to give a talk the next day, she promised to make him a lai as a farewell (she's Hawaiian).  So sweet!  She left it in the fridge at church so when he spoke he could wear it.
  • Sat afternoon-hair appointment to cover the grey (so fitting since I just had a birthday)
  • Sat night-The youth in our congregation and another congregation were in charge of the monthly dance and decided to make it a costume, Halloween dance.  They did a fabulous job decorating and organizing everything.  We even did a photo booth where there were props and I was the photographer (with someone else's camera--mine is still broken).  It was the best attended dance all year!
  • Sunday-Not only did Jacob get to speak but me and Rachel spoke as well.   It wasn't a farewell, promise, although my topic was raising a missionary. Rachel spoke on resisting temptation and Jacob spoke on prayer.  I had started my talk earlier in the week, but with family, helping with the dance, the temple, and life happening, I ended up staying up til 3:30  Sunday morning getting it done.  Jacob probably wishes I didn't spend so much time on it, cause I only left him 10 minutes to talk.  I seriously need to break this habit of talking too much.  Jacob and Rachel did great on their talks!!
  • Sunday afternoon--4 hour nap, yes!

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