Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A window into Abby

Often, Abby will come down the stairs in the morning with a story of her dream that she just had.  The actors range from her stuffed animals and cartoon characters to real people like her friends or members of our family.  When I got to wake her on Monday (it's always fun cause she rolls over with a smile no matter what), she smiled and told me that Joseph Smith was in her dream.  Really?  She couldn't really give me any details but she had a smile.  Interesting.

Then, we got ready for school, loaded in the car and started out of the neighborhood.  We were quietly listening to classical music when Abby wistfully said, "I want to see Jesus . . .for real". I quickly searched for an answer and knew it had to be simple. I smiled and said that she would someday.  But she wanted to see him now.  I told her that he would come to the earth and she could see him then.  She got really excited.  I let go of any further explanations and just enjoyed her 5-yr-old enthusiasm hoping that she keeps it.

Something that is becoming more clear about Abby is that she only sees the good in people.  This weekend, she was coloring a picture on the coffee table, when Bekah started to comment about Abby's friend, Fiona, and about how she can be mean to Abby (so true).  Abby stopped coloring and looked at Bekah.  "I heard what you said."  Bekah knew immediately  she needed to back off.  Abby didn't wait for any explanations but layed down on the floor and buried her face in the carpet crying.  We tried to console her, but she was heart broken for her friend.  Bekah apologized and it was all over.
We could certainly use more Abbys in the world.

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