Monday, October 15, 2012

Rachel's "mini-mission"

So this last weekend we experienced something new here in CA, Youth Mini-Missions.
All the youth 16-21 were given the chance to live with missionaries for the weekend and to live their life.  Jacob and Rachel were both going until Jacob got sick, so only Rachel was able to go.
She is pictured above (4th from the left) with 5 sister missionaries and other girls from our church.

Each of them were paired up with Sisters if they were a girl and Elders if they were boys.  Part of the time Rachel got to serve in the visitors center that is right behind the LA Temple.  She is now super excited to show us everything she learned the next time we go.  Then she and her "companions" went tracting (knocking door to door) in Marina Del Rey.

There was a testimony meeting Sunday night that me, Joseph, Jacob and Bekah attended.  We wanted to hear of all the wonderful experiences.  Some experiences were funny like the one a young man told of when they tracted in Beverly Hills.  They came across two men on the street ( I think they were homeless) who quickly got in a yelling arguement about who Jesus was.  Another young woman told about how when her companion was inspired  to go outside towards the dumpster, they found a man in the area that they started to talk to.  It turns out that he is the next door neighbor of her grandma!  No joke!  Rachel told about how she and her companions were knocking on a door when one of them said something funny and they all started to laugh so hard, they hoped no one would come to the door cause they couldn't speak.

The missionaries were great and gave them opportunities to teach and do door approaches.  The kids had a great time while their eyes were opened a little to what it's all about.  The bottom line is that missionaries are there to share a happy joyful message of the gospel.  They eagerly give up a portion of their everyday life to help others find happiness.  It's a work of love that our youth got to participate in it.  

Rachel was hesitant to go, but I'm thankful that she did it anyway.  She came out smiling, as I knew she would.  I know the Lord will bless her for her commitment to serve.

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