Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Elder Whitaker!!

We have an elder in our midst!

 The name tag is Dad's from his mission.
 Notice the well worn words in the middle from putting it on and taking it off so many times.
Jacob will get his own, brand new one in the Missionary Training Center.

Today, Jacob and I wrapped up our preparations by shopping a little bit more for the small items, filling out his 4 generations of genealogy, and packing.
I let him play video games on the Xbox in between and especially when Matthew got home.
Matthew will really miss having him around.  With Dad at work a lot, Matthew often feels like the only guy in the house.  So I let them play.

This evening, our Stake President (local priesthood leader) came over to officially set Jacob apart for the work.  He had the willingness, desire, and calling, but needed the radification of the priesthood to actually "set him apart" from others as a missionary.
Once it was done, he became a missionary in every way.
That means he needs to act like one (suit, tie, no TV, no computer, etc).
So to show our support, we played a game of Phase 10 (only time for 3 phases).

Now it's to bed early cause we have to leave the house by 5:30 am
 to get Elder Whitaker to the airport.
Next stop, the Missionary Training Center for 3 weeks.

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