Sunday, October 7, 2012

Jumpin off into mid air , , , twice


At Girls' camp, we had the opportunity to do a zip line and climb a wall.
Rachel & Bekah would kill me if I posted their pics, so I'll just embarrass myself.

The silence from my last post about the Word of Wisdom tells me that I may have embarrassed myself twice.  I hope I didn't offend anyone.  It was just food for thought.  
I've tried for years to research the subject to get a better grasp of what I was supposed to do. 
Those were just thoughts that occurred to me.
Besides what the Church says officially, the other details are between the individual and the Lord.

Just wait, I'm sure I'll embarrass myself again.


  1. I am too chicken to do the high ropes! As for the WOW post, don't worry. Everyone just has a different take on that and maybe some are still pondering their stand.

  2. I was silent because I thought what you said was totally fine. Everybody needs to make up their own mine and none of us are in the position to judge you for your decision. Also, I've also thought a lot about the idea of not walking too closely to the line. When I was in Young Women's we would talk about that a lot.


  3. That zip line looks fun. You are awesome! I am not good at commenting on blogs, but I want to let you know that I have been reading yours and it's nice to keep up with your family adventures. I admire you a lot and I agreed with what you said in the previous post. While I don't condemn those who drink caffeine (including many of my family members), I try to be wise for myself in what I consume so that I can be healthy as possible (and for myself and my children that means we don't drink caffeine and rarely drink any type of soda for that matter). I think one reason that the Word of Wisdom wasn't more specific is that the Lord knew how things would change over time. Back then there weren't so many processed foods, fast food restaurants, and other risky foods that we have to deal with today. But the message of the Word of Wisdom is still the same in any day and age--take care what you put into your body so you can be as healthy as possible.