Sunday, October 14, 2012

What's happening lately

So, I think I mentioned before that my camera got a little "smooshed" and is in the shop being fixed.  So I really haven't been taking many pictures except with my phone.  Here is the latest:

Abby, in one day, learned how to cross the monkey bars.

 Couldn't go to the beach, but could see parts of the beautiful sunset over the school playground.

We've said hello and goodbye to this "lovely" little contraption sitting in the dining room, that tried to keep us cool during the last couple of months.  Some days you would find us standing over it.  Not pictured are the numerous standing fans in every room of the house!  Who said California was mild all year?  Thankfully, the heat has broken and we can finally enjoy some fall (California fall) weather.  Until next year contraption!

Rachel and Bekah unwittingly dressed alike one day, right down to the boots.  They had gone to school at different times and didn't discover it til half way through the day.
Aren't they cute?!

Only 17 more days til Jacob leaves us for his mission!

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