Tuesday, November 13, 2012

choosing college-BYU, UVU, & Jacob

So much to do in so little time!
Today started with our tour of BYU-Provo.  We had a "super cute" guide that is studying to be a nurse.    She was "awesome" at sharing her enthusiasm for the school through "great" descriptions.  She was pretty to boot.  Afterwards, of course we had to raid the bookstore, have lunch and continue exploring.

I love this piece in the art museum on campus.  It is made of dry cleaner hangers.

The visiting exhibit was of Andy Worhol and another similar artist.
But the funnest part was in the middle of the room-
big silver pillows of air that floated.
Too cool!

My reflection.
Then we had time for one more university, UVU, Utah Valley University, which is where Joseph is going.  He works in the bookstore so we met his coworkers then Dad left for a business flight.  Then Joseph had an English class that Rachel and I got to attend.  It was actually a great class that will come in handy for when I need to edit Rachel's english papers for school.  She will be soon covering that very topic, so she took notes too.

After wrapping things up, it was my privilege to take Joseph grocery shopping.  Both he and Sarah hesitated to let me spend on them, but I tried to reassure them that it made me feel good to be able to do something for them.  Dad usually handles our money relationship with them, so this was my turn to help out.  It was fun!  I'm just thrilled to see them doing so well.

The oddest thing about our trip was being in the same town as Jacob and not being able to see him.  I made Dad drive by the MTC (Missionary Training Center) twice, not really thinking that we'd see him, but just to be near him.  We wondered what he was doing at that moment and I tried to think of an excuse to walk into the lobby of the building.  Dad laughed and pointed out the gate and the guard.  I think he would see through any story I gave, cause I'm not a very good liar.  Thankfully, we are confident that Jacob is in the right place, trying to do the right thing.   
It made it easier to drive away.  

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