Sunday, November 11, 2012

choosing college--Sunday

Woke up in Rexburg this morning to 7 degree sunny weather!  Brrrrrr!!
  We said goodbye to Sarah and her roommates then headed off on our 4 hour drive to Provo.
Once in the Salt Lake valley, we stopped at Rob & Heidi's to go to church and have dinner.
The kids sure have grown!
Cousins Emory, Mickylie, Avonlee, and Jayce (I probably slaughtered their spelling)

Once in Provo, Joseph took us on a quick tour of campus in the dark.  Tomorrow is our official tour.

The Eyring Science building is my favorite. I love all the science gadgets. 


Later, we went to Joseph's apartment to meet his roomies and friends.  He had a dessert party in Rachel's honor.  They were all so cute but Dad and I felt a little out of place.  So once Jyllian Adams (a friend from NC) arrived, we knew that Rachel would have someone else other than Joseph there.  
We left.

As I write, Rachel just got back and said she had a good time.  
I think she would start college tomorrow if we let her!

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