Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jacob's 1st letter and election significance

I'm thankful for . . .  technology that allowed us to get our first email from Jacob (Elder Whitaker) today!!!
Joseph and I both shed tears as we read his letter.
It's an anxious thing to have high expectations of a 19-yr-old to leave all that is familiar
and venture into the unknown.
So it was comforting to read that although he has anxieties of his own,
he has a great desire to do his best and to do what was right.
Plus, his eyes are already being open to the things of God.
Short version:  he's doing great!!

I'm also very grateful to live in this country.
Although, the election is exhausting and I can't wait till it is over, I do
recognize the significance this one holds.  Never before have TWO downtrodden
people been represented in a presidential election.  Obama clearly represents
the African Americans that were slaves early in our country's history.  They
have struggled over the years to gain their freedom and equal rights.

Romney also represents a group of people who were treated 
brutally and unfairly, the Mormons.  They continue to be misunderstood today by many.  
Isn't it fantastic that our country has come so far that these men can 
be considered for the most powerful position in the world?

So, even though someone will be disappointed tomorrow, we can all
be thankful to be a part of such a wonderful process  in a truly great country.

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