Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Big Bear Lake

looking back towards the coast . . . home

We went to Big Bear Lake today, which is about 40 minutes of winding mountain roads away from Lake Arrowhead.  I probably shouldn't eat lunch right before making that drive again.  I made it but was a little worried.
I'm grateful that Joseph was paying attention and decided to drive more carefully so that I wouldn't lose my cookies.  He did great because I know he wanted to take the curves faster with his Beamer.  I kept wondering if the berms and railings would be strong enough to keep us from going over.  I guess  we'll have to find him some roads that aren't 7000 ft.

Oh my goodness, we've been eating good!  I've been so surprised at the quality of restaurants
in such small towns.  Everything seems to be made by gourmet chefs.  Our favorites has been the 3 cheese mac-n-cheese, the "Joey" sandwich, cornish game hens, and the wonderful shrimp and corn chowder made right here in our hotel (to die for!).
Hopefully our exercising has slowed the weight gain.
I need to go back to my yogurt!

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