Sunday, November 4, 2012

Simple Sunday at the lake

Sunday:  slept in! 
 (relatively speaking, 7:30 is later than the normal 6:30, right? darn those internal clocks!)
We got to do that especially since the time change and because the church here at Lake Arrowhead doesn't start til 12:30!  
It gave us a chance to read, get ready and listen to a whole session of conference(church).

I don't think I've every seen so much liquor in a hotel room before.
Not only did we have the 6 bottles next to the ice bucket 
but our mini-fridge is full.
Being non-drinkers, we used our brandy glass for a much better purpose.

Since it's Sunday, we turned on some talks by Church leaders, popped
my iPhone inside and voila, instant speaker.
We actually had to turn it down cause it was too loud (thin walls).

This is a view of the lake from up by the church.

After church, we changed and went for a little walk before dinner, 
with my camera, of course.  

Joseph was quite the model! 

I was experimenting with a different lens.  

Guess what this is . . .

 The light sconce outside our hotel room.
It's a slab of rock in front of the light bulb.
Cool, huh?

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