Sunday, November 4, 2012

workin Lake Arrowhead

We worked really hard today for being on vacation.
Lake Arrowhead is a private lake with limited access.  Basically, you have to own a home or
rent to have privileges.  Even the path around the lake is gated with a code to get in.
Our hotel gave us the code so we could take the 6 mile hike.
We really enjoyed the first 3 miles, eyed the lake homes, and had some great conversation.
We stopped at the boat storage to get a drink and snack then headed back.
Going back was a different story, not that it wasn't interesting, it's just that our bodies started to complain.  The hills and uneven terrain took it's toll, plus we think our site-seeing might have taken us further than 6 miles.

But we made it back, had a late lunch then a well deserved nap only to get up and go to the gym.
I think we're going to pay for this tomorrow.

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