Monday, December 10, 2012

adding inexpensive lights to the garage

The last couple of weeks, I've kinda slowed on my blogging.
I needed to shift gears a little to focus a little more on my home and family.
During this time I was able to get a few projects done that I've been mulling over in my mind
for a long time now.  The time and means were available 
so I jumped at the opportunity.
The first project was small and simple but it was necessary to complete for the 
rest of the projects depended on it.  You know, one room overlaps into the next kind of thing.

It all started in the garage.  
We need room in the garage for food storage and our queen mattress because we were getting a king!
The problem is that all our books were taking up space in the garage waiting for a bookcase.
Plus the fact that everything else is being stored in there but we can't see a thing.

There is only one light right next to the door.
This light.

It's not much. As a matter of fact, it lights so little that the kids are scared to go in there.
They just toss things in the general direction they are supposed to be in or they leave the refrigerator door open to light their way back to the exit, thus ruining the food inside.
This is how it looks.

We actually had an electrician price what a new outlet would be and it was like $500.
So I read somewhere that you can turn a socket into a plug with this cool gadget.  It allows you to use a plug and a lightbulb at the same time.

But it has two holes and I needed it to fit an extension cord that has three prongs 
(two prong has two holes, three prong has three, logical).

That's where this came in.

Put together, you get this:

Plug in the extensions . . .

then hook them up to inexpensive  shop lights from Lowe's for $15 each.

Now we can see our mess that needs to be cleaned and organized.
Comparison: $500+ or $35
We've got a good start! 
On to the next project, bookshelves . . .


  1. Guess I am just going to have to come out there and help you dejunk!

    1. Oh would you? I can't tell you how many piles of junk we've already gotten rid of, but it just doesn't go away!!