Friday, December 14, 2012

Project 2 & decorating for Christmas

We have a tradition that the tree is decorated by everyone in the family.
Over the years I've received resistance and declarations of observing instead of participating.
But even though there is grumbling (by those who've out gown it), I continue to hand an ornament with a hook to the nearest body.  I love that we do it as a family and at least are in the same room together while creating such an iconic symbol of the season.  Eventually though, I'm usually left to put on those last remaining decorations.   Now, the tree has become a finishing touch to all the work I've done in our formal living room: project 2.

Remember project 1 was putting light in the garage.
The next step was to bring the books from the garage into the house, thus the need for bookcases.  The idea came after our trip to Lake Arrowhead.  I wanted the room to feel more cozy like the ones we saw there.  It's such a large room with lots of wall space.  
I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  

The process made for quite the mess for a few days.  There was stuff everywhere.

Although I swore off particle board, there aren't any solid wood shelves to be had.
So I found some with wood veneer at Ikea, the Billy bookcase.
It's much more sturdy than those at the other big box stores.
I did it all myself with the help of Matthew.

I read a blog where the Billy was made to look like a built-in.
I would love to do it, but we are just renting.
See how they did it here.
I actually feel grown up to have bookcases that aren't crammed with every book in the house.
With so many people in the house, we have collected a lot but have usually stored them  for efficiency not beauty.
To make them look better, I took the book jacket off each book.  I love the bindings and the gold lettering.
It's got a good start.
On the opposite wall, I finally put up the tapestry that my mother gave us many years ago.
I got this pretty little table recently from my friend who didn't want it anymore.
This lovely angel was made by my sister Julie many years ago.
She goes up every year.

My sister-in-law, Tammy, made the sign with changeable holidays, I painted the cardboard "W" from JoAnn's, the star's from Home Goods and the angel from Good Will.  I love a good find.

More projects to come . . .

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