Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas skyping

Our Christmas was complete when we got to Skype with our favorite missionary, Jacob, a.k.a. Elder Whitaker.  I should have taken more pictures, cause it looks like we were having such a serious conversation.  Matthew was actually thrilled to be there but loves to see how he can be the odd man out in every picture I take.
Elder Whitaker it doing great.  It was a little bitter-sweet saying goodbye.  All the kids started yelling goodbye to him at the same time and holding it out as long as they could only to say it again and again. Jacob got a kick out of it and all I could do was get choked up.
Here we were together as a family, even Jacob in his 2-D form, sharing the love and support we have for each other.  Even though it hurt my ears, I loved every minute with my boisterous, rambunctious, fun, happy, loving, and wonderful family.

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