Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our 3-day weekend

Joseph and I started the weekend bright and early with going to the temple for sealings at 6:30.
That meant getting up before 5 to get there. It was tough but well worth it.  It's always nice to start the day that way.  We ended the day with the adult session of Stake Conference, which was fantastic.  The speakers were very inspirational.  The Sunday morning session with the whole family was just as good!
Esther has been bugging us for a while to go on Sunday walks.
We finally gave in and thoroughly enjoyed it.
It's a good thing we listened to her.
Above is what I saw on our Sunday walk.
The road where you see Joseph walking with the girls and the cars is just outside
our neighborhood.  The Church is just around the corner from there too.  
This is one of the reasons we chose where we live.
It was as close to living in the country as we could get in LA County.
It truly is possible to find pockets of beauty in the big city.

For our family time on Monday, we all went bowling.
No Mom, I didn't break 100 although I came close, 91.  Maybe next time.
Dad came in first, of course, then Rachel, then Bekah.

The funny thing is the night before we went, Abby prayed thanking Heavenly Father
for letting us go bowling, asked for help to be good at it, then asked that the ball not get dropped on her foot.  We are happy to report no toes were crushed!  Phew!

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