Thursday, February 28, 2013

Garage reveal!--finally!

Remember my dark, cluttered, messy garage that I've been working on for what it seems forever?
We really needed to be able to use our space better especially since we are in there every day.
Well, finally I think I've made tremendous progress.  It still needs to be tweaked, but here it is.


So dark!! 
To add to that, we had to keep Esther's bike in the house cause there wasn't any room in the garage.
The first step was to add light.
Look at that!  We can walk without tripping!!
And the bikes are in their proper home.

  We don't really have a lot of storage in our kitchen so just inside the garage became the overflow area.
 Thanks to our good friends, we added more useful metal shelves.
Now we can actually see what we have and what we need.
I really don't like having my laundry in the garage.
This dark dirty area made it even worse.
Now, it's much brighter and cleaner.
(Notice the laundry?  That's what happens when I get into a project)
The bin's next to the machines is an idea I got from my neighbor.
It makes it so you don't have to bend over with the laundry baskets.

I added hooks to hang my wreaths.

I'm slowly getting rid of the cardboard and replacing them with plastic bins.
Our laundry shelves used to be full of baskets when all the kids were home.
Now it's just the baskets that are full of clothes.
 I think someone needs to take them to their room!
What a mess!
Much better!
Now the things we don't use much are in the back and the holidays are easy to get to.
When we got our king bed, we had them bag our other mattress then we put it in the garage.
It will go in either a guest room someday or be given to the kids when they get married.
You might be wondering why we have another dryer.  It's electric and everything here is done with gas.
It cost just as much to buy a new gas dryer as it did to install an electric outlet.
So we just bought the dryer.  When we buy a house, we'll get rid of the one that isn't needed.
The empty boxes and containers are waiting to be repurposed.
This was our "work bench" that no one could do work on.
It still needs some organization, but the floor in front of it is clear and I have space to finally do some painting projects that are piling up.  That chest of drawers is slotted to go to Bekah once it's done.
Whew!  That was a lot!  It feels so good to have gotten to this point.

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