Friday, March 8, 2013

kid happenings

Lots has been going on with the kids lately.

We are very fortunate to have really good schools for our kids.
Recently, the elementary school the girls attend, was able to communicate with the astronauts on the space shuttle.  Very few schools were chosen and ours was the only one in LA.  Pretty cool!
Then the 5th graders had a special social studies project concerning the birth of our nation.
The kids were put into teams, given parts to memorize, and game rules.
Me and other parents watched as they acted out their parts and cheered for their team as they answered questions.  The kids had a great time.

There were extra points for dressing colonial.

 Me, Rachel and Bekah had New Beginnings for the Young Women's organization at church.

 Jacob had his first baptism on his mission.
I'm still waiting for a picture, so this will have to do.
You have to look really close because you can barely see Jacob in the back.
This picture was taken on the missionaries "preparation" day.
Basically it's a day to do everyday things like laundry and ultimate frisbee.
Looks like their laundry is done!

Joseph's acapella   group is getting more requests to perform.
Don't they look sharp?

And just tonight, Rachel had her opening night for her last high school musical called "Curtains".
Although I think they should have rated the play PG-13, it
was performed well and Rachel was fabulous!
  She was also supported by her friends from church.

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