Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Organizing Dad's office

Okay, so as my sister pointed out, I'm supposed to be working on 
organizing our garage.  The funny thing is that everything seems to be connected.
Working on the garage meant shifting things from one room to another
or organizing a room so that items in the garage can move out into the house.

Books were the first items to tackle.  We had several boxes of books that needed a home in the house.
I started with a wall of IKEA bookcases in the formal living room.
I also got a couple from a friend for the family room that I'll show another time.
But most recently I got 2 more Billy bookcases from IKEA in white for Dad's office.

Below is what Dad's office looked like a year ago.
Silly, that's not an office.  It's a storage room.
You're right.  Not pictured is what it looked like when we moved in.
It was the room where everything went that didn't have a home yet.
There was literally no room to move.

 This is the other side, my side, kind of.  
The bookcase is really Dad's but everything else is mine.
The table is a repurposed homeschool/seminary table turned to desk.
The lamp shades I found at Tuesday Morning.

But back to Dad's side.
This was my next step.
We got him a nice desk that was pretty on both sides because you can see
it through the door from the other side of the house.  So it
needed to look nice.  I took my fabric cabinet out and gave him a
small bookcase that was in the boys room.
But he still needed more storage.

Thus the need for the Billys.
Now granted, I still have some of my things on there, but everything comes in steps, right?
At least we got to display Rachel's crayon artwork that she gave me at Christmas, my own watercolor, and Dad's Lone Ranger lunchbox that I got him for Christmas (he's his childhood hero).

I love it now that the floor is clear.  We can actually use the door if we want!

So here's the before and after . . . for now.

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