Monday, February 18, 2013

Updating the "Vintage" welcome sign and the entry

Another project that I did before Christmas was to change my entry.
I had a small table and a mirror.
It was cute but not very usable.
All of our coats and things were hanging in the garage which turned out to be very inconvenient.
So I wanted to move them to where we actually go in an out at the front door.
It's still a work in progress though.  If you could see it today, you might think we need to rethink it again.
Believe me, I am, since our coat hooks are now covered in multiple coats and the baskets are overflowing with shoes. I would love to have a bench and wainscoting with bigger hooks.  But our entry is pretty small and we're just renting.  So major changes aren't in the picture.
But today, I'm just showing how I updated the cute welcome sign that my mother
made for me when I first got married, thus the blue and mauve.
Those were my colors to be sure.
 You'll notice that it's coming out of the frame and
 I've used duct tape in the back to try and hold it together.  
It needs to be more secure and the blue and pink have to go.
So, some burlap and spray adhesive just might do the trick.

 I cut the burlap to just an inch or two larger than the mat, trimmed the corners so they would fold nicely.  I sprayed the front of the mat with the adhesive and wrapped it around it, spraying the back as well.

 Voila!  I've updated my vintage sign.
A quick note about the adhesive.  It worked great for the burlap, but not to hold the copper sign against the mat.  It fell.  So I used the sticky back velcro to attach it and it has remained securely in place.

The entry needs more tweaking but this will do for now.

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