Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Abby lessons 101

Abby has been known to say things from time to time, as a young child will do, that shocks everyone that hears it, showing knowledge beyond her years.  
Recently she said something that has had me examining my own life.
It's no secret that she is a "momma's girl".  From day one she has wanted me to hold her, read to her, and play with her.  Although, there were a couple of years that she attached herself to Dad which gave me a rest and Dad a boost when we both needed it. 
Today, her attachment to me is in full force. 

I can't remember what I was doing, but maybe it was going to the store.  I used to call her my shopping buddy before she started school.  But as I was leaving the room she simply stated as she did her little head turn, "I just want to be where ever you are, Mommy."  Now, this wasn't anything new.  She is really never far away from me.  But it was sweet that she said it out loud since she never put it in a sentence before.  She usually just says "I love you" (at least 5 times a day).

Then I think it was that same day or the next that I was giving her instructions on doing something (probably chores) when she said, "I want to do whatever you tell me to do."  
Wow, wouldn't it be great if a teenager said that!
It really touched me.  Immediately in my mind I thought of how the Savior wants us to be like little children, easily entreated and full of love.  Abby's motivations were purely out of love for me.
She tries so hard to be like me being a mommy to her dolls,
playing with makeup and my shoes.
How am I trying to be like her?

I have a Heavenly Father and a Savior whom I love and am I'm trying to be like too.
Do I strive to be where they are?
Do I follow their example by doing the things they do?
Do I show my love for them?

It's easy to go through the motions of life doing what we think we are supposed to do. 
There is reward in that.  God has promised it.
But as Abby has reminded me (and I need reminding often), the blessings go much
deeper when we put our heart into it.  

I want to be with God in heaven when I leave this earth.  Thankfully, He's a good father and has given me opportunities to be with Him here on earth through prayer, scriptures, service, and church.  When I do these things, I'm blessed.  But when I do them with the desire to please God and to be in His presence, he blesses me even more.  He becomes a part of my life directing my path and giving me peace and joy.  
I feel His love and my capacity to love increases.

I love being a parent.  There are so many lessons that I've learned.
 I'm so grateful I've been given all of my children, 
for they have each taught me so much about the love
our Father has for each of us.  
Hopefully I can be more like Him by being more like them.

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