Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Good Life

We had a great Spring Break but it sure was nice to come home today.
We didn't even get to unpack when Rachel, Bekah and I sat down to watch the
General Young Women's Broadcast from Salt Lake City (go here to watch). 
We almost forgot all about it because of our travel.  
I'm sure glad we have cable so that we could watch it on the BYU channel
without having to hurry and dress up for the church.

Afterwards, as I was preparing things for Easter tomorrow, I was thinking about the differences between preparing for Christmas and Easter.  One is so grandiose while the other is much quieter even though stores probably wish otherwise. Maybe it's because it's a holiday set around a death and not a birth.  Maybe it's become that way because so many in society don't believe in the resurrected Lord or don't fully understand all that the atonement covers. 

But I think I like it the way it is.
It seems very appropriate to me that the most important of Christian holidays
is on the Lord's day
and that we find ourselves in His house,
learning of His word,
partaking of His atonement,
and worshiping at His feet.

The beautiful thing is that with the birth of Christ He brought hope of a new life for each of us.
With His atonement, he gave us a chance for spiritual rebirth.
And with His resurrection, we are guaranteed life after death.

It's all about life, new life, better life, eternal life.
How wonderful that we aren't just reminded once a year but
can renew our "life" every Sunday all year long.

I hope that you have a very blessed Easter Sunday full to overflowing of the
good life God has to offer.
Happy Easter!

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