Sunday, March 31, 2013

The last of our San Diego highlights

I know you were wondering about what we did on the last two days of our vacation (well, at least
Grandmas and Grandpas are), so here are a few of our final highlights.

Esther and Abby explored what it might be like as an animal.
Look close at their bat photo.  I'm thinking it wasn't their favorite animal.

We really enjoyed the Safari Park on Friday.
The girls got to feed the birds and we got to do a "behind the scenes" tour.
The tiger was looking at Abby as a nice little snack.
The rhino baby was only a month old, probably the only time in his life he'll be called cute.

While the little girls and I were feeding birds and riding the merry-go-round, 
Dad took the other kids to do a ropes course.

And finally, we went back to Sea World on Saturday so that we could play with the dolphins.
Hopefully this week of animals will suffice for a while
cause we don't even have a goldfish at home.
Now, back to real life.

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