Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Camp week

I can't tell you how many times Abby has given me a hug for signing her up for pony camp.  
Today was her first day.
The teacher, Jan Ball, had a trunk full of boots to choose from.  After putting her's on, Abby jumped up and said, "look at the heels!!"  Oh my! She's had great ambitions lately to have heels 
so those boots were a thrill.
Riding will come tomorrow, but today they learned basic horse tid bits and how to stay safe.
Abby learned so much from her show on TV called Horseland that she answered almost all the questions by herself.
I just love her enthusiasm.

Matthew also has camp but he's been going for a week now.
He had his first game on Thurs against the rival school.
It was a close game and Matthew even made a basket, but they lost their game.
Unlike Abby's week long camp, his will go on for another month.
More games to come.

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