Saturday, June 29, 2013

Riding by herself!

I think we've really started something here!
If we thought Abby was horse-bitten before, but it's nothing compared to now.
Even though camp is over, Abby has already started talking about the next time she'll be riding.
Not that Abby needed any more confidence (she jumped in with both feet this week, not to mention answered all the questions) but I think learning to control a large, 
powerful animal does wonders for anyone.

She loved every moment.
After getting on, she turned to Miss Jan and told her that rider's are supposed to look between the horses ears when riding.  I thought that she had learned it at camp, but Jan asked her where she learned that and Abby told her from "Horseland" (a cartoon on Netflix).  I think her TV watching actually came in handy. . . for once.

At first, the teacher (Miss Jan) kept a lead rope attached.

The lead rope was just for direction purposes because Cecil is as gentle as they come.
While Miss Jan was adjusting Abby's stirrups, he curved his head around and kept his nose
touching her back side the whole time.  It was like he was giving her a love.
I've never seen anything like it.  My horse (Pretty Girl) would curve her neck around, not for a love, but to nip at me cause she didn't want the saddle tightened.  I quickly learned to have a pokey object ready to make her think twice.  It worked.  She stopped.
Cecil, though, is a sweetie. 

Then the climax of the week came Friday when the kids got to ride all by themselves.
 Big stuff!

Miss Jan told me in confidence that Abby is the reason she teaches horse camp.
I agreed that she certainly is a horse fiend.  But she corrected me
and told me that it was more than that.
Abby was just plain wonderful.
I agree.

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