Tuesday, July 16, 2013

glasses free!

Oh my goodness!  We just got back from the eye doctor and after 45 minutes of trying, Esther finally put contacts in her eyes.  I was so close to calling it quits and wait for a few months before trying it again, but she was determined to keep trying.  Once we were successful, the technician then told her she had to take one out.  Believe me, none of us wanted to do it but that's the only way she could prove she was capable.  Taking it out was almost as bad as putting it in.  She was so scared of pinching her eye.  The only way she could do it was when I took a firm hold on her upper lid.  After it was out, of course she then had to put it back in, but thankfully it only took a couple of minutes the second time.  Whew!!

She is so excited to have contacts now!  But it looks like this is going to be a team effort for a while.

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