Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our king shrunk

Now that we have a king sized bed, I thought it wouldn't hurt to let the girls take Dad's spot while he was gone out of town.  Abby did it the first night by herself, but Esther, who can't be left out of anything, wanted to share too.  So I figured the bed would be big enough for the three of us for the last couple of nights.

Well, . . . now I remember why we don't let the kids sleep with us.  Notice that nice big space on the right?    As the night went on, it shrunk. Abby couldn't stay still and she kept kicking the covers off.  Last night she even tried to use me as her pillow, twice!  I just pushed her off and tried to stay on my edge of the bed which is exactly the place I was trying to avoid when we bought a bigger bed.  But, even though I may be lacking in some shut eye, the girls loved it.  Thankfully, for my sake, Dad's home now.

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