Monday, August 5, 2013

The last of our vacation

I just got home from a wedding and have to leave tomorrow for Girl's Camp but before I can go any further, I need to finish posting about our vacation to Idaho and Utah for Sarah's graduation.

Our biggest excursion was to Yellowstone.  I actually hadn't been there since I was a kid, so I was really excited when Sarah suggested it. While entering the park, she said that we had to play the soundtrack from The Last of the Mohicans so that we could feel the grandeur.  It worked.  Cross between the music and the rush of nostalgia, it made me a little emotional.  We did our best to get the feel of Yellowstone all in one day (a big task).  We saw Old Faithful, the Inn (amazing building), the waterfalls, deer, elk, a chipmunk, bison (of course), and possibly a wolf (the other tourists were pointing, and we were looking, but we're still not sure if we saw anything).

We enjoyed one more night in our Idaho Falls hotel with a great view of the temple.
For once, I have a sunrise, not a sunset, picture to share with you.  Because of the effort to get out of bed, that probably won't happen very often.

Then we drove through the beautiful western countryside back to Salt Lake City to visit my Grandma P.  She is the sharpest 95-year-old around!  Then we got to visit our adorable nieces LynDee and Mary.  On our final day we headed down to Provo, Joseph's stomping grounds.  We visited my favorite place there, BYU, had lunch with our hard working nephew Gary, toured Joseph's swanky apartment and met with his friends.  Because it's "Mormonville" up there, we had so many more family and friends that we could see, but time just wouldn't permit it.  So I guess we'll just have to go back, which is a good problem to have.

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