Saturday, August 17, 2013

YW Girls' Camp

I've not been to Girl's Camp (church camp) a lot in my life, but I can say
that besides camp in my youth, the handful I've seen have all been different.
This year was no exception.
In an effort to bring camp back to it's original purpose of getting the girls away from the influences
of the world, the stake wanted to do tent camping.  
Great idea!!  I'm all for that.
We were all ready to go to the mountains to rough it when we were told that there are fires
nearby and they haven't contained them all.
So for the safety of the girls, they decided to have it close at a church member's home who
often offer their gorgeous house and gardens for church use.
It was a perfect way to introduce tent camping to the girls (at least they thought so).
Many had canceled because they didn't want to go 2 days without a shower or get "that close" to nature.  That was before the change, so they were bitterly disappointed to find out that they missed out on camping in someone's backyard (sleeping on a lawn is way better than sticks and rocks).  
And the view was to die for!

They had a "Book of Mormon War" where the two sides, Lamanites & Nephites, threw flour bombs made with pantyhose.  The YCL's (Youth Camp Leaders) would drop to the ground with "injuries" that the other girls would have to use their knowledge of first-aid to help them.
It was a blast!

Our nature walk took us to a pebble beach where a lot of the girls jumped in, clothes and all.
Unfortunately, one of the girls was injured (9 stitches) by an underwater re-bar.  
We left before anyone else could get hurt.

A funny late night movie on the bushes about two LDS missionaries getting car-jacked, with popcorn, cotton candy, and s'more cones served to the girls.

To make sure the girls passed off a 4 mile hike the leaders took them on a hike passed the beach, down the road and up to the top of the hill to the left.  They all swore they were going to die, but amazingly enough, they survived.  The interesting thing is that accomplishing hard tasks, no matter how much we hate doing it, always gives us a feeling of being able to overcome anything.
The girls were no different and testified of that during the evening testimony meeting.
Many of the girls compared it to life.  
The climb is hard, but the view at the top is breathtaking.

 There were a lot of other activities plus a lot of sunburned skin.  It all goes to show that all camps are not created equal but in the end, the Spirit is the one that teaches.
Camp was a wonderful experience and a great success.
Many thanks go to the wonderful leaders who put it all together and were willing to be flexible in order for the girls to have a great experience.


  1. It's so interesting to see what other wards/stakes do for girls camp. Thanks for sharing and for posting this. :)