Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sunday sunset & the Queen Mary

Oh, my goodness, I started this post earlier this week and right in the middle of
writing, there was a power outage.  Since we don't have air conditioning
and are only cooled by floor fans, Rachel, Sarah, and I thought it best to
vacate the premisses.  I'm just now getting back to finishing.
We have so much going on that the blog just isn't high on the priority list.
But I'll tell you that these pictures are from a week ago on Labor Day weekend.
Sunday, all went to watch the sunset.
Whenever there are clouds, you know it will be interesting.

On Labor Day, we were torn between going to the Aquarium (been there) or to the Queen Mary (not been there).  We invited some friends to come along and they broke the tie.
Queen Mary it is (was).

We were excited to see the Princess Diana exhibit (the girls especially).  
It started as the collection of one woman.  She had so many things in her
house that it was like Diana was living with them, so she and her husband decided to share it with others.  It certainly helped clear up the "royal drama" for the girls to know who was who.

Rachel and Sarah even managed to find Disney, Walt Disney, that is.

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