Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The end of summer

I bet you were wondering if I was ever coming back.  These last days of summer have been busy.  Mostly just trying to enjoy what freedom from schedules we have left.  Honestly though, I am just a teensy weensy bit excited for some structure to bring everything back into balance.

Well of course, to end the summer, we had to go to Disney.  Our friend Natalie came too.
I know you've seen just about all you could see of us at the "happiest place on earth", but this picture below is a first.  We went to meet the "lost friends".  You know, the characters from movies without a princess, because "the ladies" tend to monopolize all the attention.
We not only got to see a lot of characters, we were surprised to see Tarzan in his real skin
and not some fake foam shirt with painted muscles (I don't think the girls were too disappointed).
What is Disney coming to?

Next, an afternoon at the beach was in order.
They say that this time of year, the water is actually warm.
I beg to differ.

The cold water still doesn't seem to bother the kids much.

Finally, the first day of school came on Tues.
Bekah and Matthew left before I could get a picture but the girls were all smiles.

 There are four 1st grade classes this year, so they had to shuffle the teachers.
Abby now has Mrs. Donahoe who was Esther's 5th grade social science teacher last year.
It should be a good year!

This is Abby on her first day of school . . .

 and this is Abby on what should be her second day of school.
I guess she became allergic to structure.

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