Sunday, September 22, 2013

Taking the girls to school

One more out of the nest . . . so to speak.
Two and half weeks ago, we took our oldest girls up to Idaho.  Rachel is
beginning her first year at BYUI (Brigham Young University Idaho) and Sarah is
doing a study abroad program through BYUI.  She's on the plane to Paris as I write this!!

It was great having both of them around the house with me when the
other kids started school.  There's this thing that happens as your kids get older where
you become like friends.  Although the advice needed is on a grander scale, what we do together
and say to each other is more on an equal level.
I've come to enjoy every phase my kids have gone through (except year 12) and this is no exception.

The Sunday before we left was their last chance to gaze at the sunset over the water.
Aunt Tammy came for the weekend to spend time with them before we left.
This picture is a little deceiving.  
It was cold.
Rachel's new roommate's name is Ray, making the two of them "Rachel Ray", hahaha.
We just love her and all of her roommates!
Sarah and her roommate, Kim, have been great to help the girls get adjusted to school.

Joseph came up from Utah to spend the weekend with us as well.
On Sunday, we had decided to go to Sacrament with Rachel at her new ward but left so she could meet
people on her own.  We did this with the other 3 kids and it worked out pretty well.  We get to take the Sacrament, embarrass our kids a little, then leave.
So afterwards, Dad, Joseph and I went to walk around the temple (Rexburg, not the Idaho Falls pictured above) to talk about life.  It's always great to talk with one of our kids about the important things in life.
It's even better when they recognize what those things are.

We are truly going to miss having Rachel at home.
But as we've experienced before, it's not the end but a new beginning, a new phase.
We don't see our college kids as much, but with technology we can talk with them every day in some way.  So I can honestly say that I'm so excited for Rachel's new adventure into college and Sarah's adventure to Europe (although a little bit more nervous about this one).

As Joseph and I drove away from Rexburg, I got that familiar feeling I get when I leave my kids for long periods of time.  The first day I always feel a little anxious, guilt, and sadness especially if it's me going on a vacation away from them.
But when I feel this for my college kids it quickly becomes out shined by my excitement for them.
This time as we drove away and I felt those pangs coming back, I thought about each of them.
A peaceful feeling came over me.  They will be okay.
What a comfort it is to know you're kids are happily following the right path.

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