Saturday, September 21, 2013

14 yrs but a lot of firsts

This fantastic kid turned 14 this week!!
This certainly has been an eventful month for him.
He not only started high school, but he got braces and his first cell phone.  I'll also add that he
smiled for this photo, a first, which I usually have to beg and plead for.  It must be the
affect of the phone.
Now that he's 14 he'll also get to start going to church dances.
I can tell he is actually looking forward to this because he asked if he could
fudge the rules a little and go the dance last weekend before his birthday on Tues.
But we're rule followers around here so he'll just have to wait till the dance in October.

We sure enjoy having Matthew in our family!!
He's a great example to us all about being a good sport and letting things roll off your back.
And I certainly appreciate his willingness to do whatever Dad and I ask of him
without complaining.  He often drops what he is doing and runs through the task.
He's just a great kid!
Happy Birthday Matthew!!

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