Saturday, November 16, 2013

Kayaking, hiking, an engagement and Indiana Jones (Wailua River)

It's funny how when we used to vacation it was all by the beach.
Now that we are getting older, we seemed to have gotten more active ditching the beaches for some strenuous activity.  I guess that will keep us on the path to getting older, right?
Well, we are older but we were also more sore when we woke up yesterday
 (I forgot how saddles can affect your sit bones or okole).
But, of course, we set out to push ourselves again by kayaking 2 miles, hiking to a waterfall, then kayaking back all in the rain.
The rain actually was a blessing because it cooled everything off.

The drawback of the rain is that is was so muddy that we were walking in mud puddles most of the time (don't ya love the fashion shoes?).  The only way to the "secret falls" was a hike through jungle.  Our guide started playing his ukulele to help inspire us,
playing songs like the theme from Indiana Jones, and Rocky.
Next time we go on a vacation like this though, I'm getting those sport swim shorts and swim shirt.
It was really hard to be modest hiking in a swimsuit.
Joseph was the brave one to swim out to the waterfalls.  We weren't supposed to because it's a falling rock area, but our guide said he wouldn't stop us.  I thought it best that at least one of us stay behind . . . just in case.  He said that the water was much colder under the falls and there was quite a strong current to swim against.  Only one of the other men attempted it.
 Our most exciting event was when this young man knelt on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend while the guide took their picture in front of the falls.  I was so enthralled with the whole thing that I forgot to get my camera out until it was all over.  It was very sweet though, with tears and all.  
 See those trees that border the bottom of the mountain?  Those are the trees that Harrison Ford ran through in the movie Indiana Jones, when he was getting away from the natives and going towards his plane.

Our guide told us that we could go at our own pace on the way back, so of course, Joseph took the challenge.  He paddled all the way back (2 miles) without stopping.  Not me.  I stopped quite often and tried to get him to stop too so we could enjoy the peace.  He did briefly but quickly kept going.  I must say, it was a great upper body workout.  We were a good team and only "slapped" paddles once.  This picture is from us at the end waiting for the others.  You have to look really close, but the specks way in the back are the other kayakers.
We win!
Today is our last day.  
It started with a massage for me and then laying by the pool (finally).
We are headed out to the beaches to see what we can see then
off towards the airport for the last of our shopping.
Our flight is at 9pm which brings us to LA at 5am.
As hard as it is to say goodbye to this beautiful island, we really do look forward to seeing the kids.
I guess we'll just have to bring them back so that we can enjoy both.

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