Friday, November 22, 2013

The Love of my life!

I'm a hopeless romantic.  
I grew up watching old musicals, black and whites, and PBS specials.
So I had quite the image in my mind of what my future love of my life would be like.
They say that visualizing is a major part of reaching goals and then writing them down.
When I was in high school, I did just that and started a list of qualities that
I was seeking in my companion.    This list evolved over my dating years as a little bit of reality set in.
Then came along Joseph.
He met all the requirements on my list.
And now 27 years (today) I can say that I did good!
He is everything and more that what I imagined.  
I am a better person because of him and I can't imagine any other man as the father of my children.
Joseph, thank you for always believing in me and believing in us.
You have been my example of faithfulness, hard work, patience, testimony, love, forgiveness, determination, self improvement, health, parenting and so much more.
I love you with all my heart!
Happy Anniversary!

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