Thursday, November 14, 2013

Their refuge and mine

We are halfway through the week with so much more to do.
On our way up from the south shores of Po'ipu, we stopped by the restored lighthouse at Kilauea Point.
It was rainy but the views were breathtaking.

It was built in 1913 and was the first contact with ships coming from Asia.
It's outdated but the area is now a museum and wildlife refuge for birds.

This little guy, we were told, is about to start flying on his own.  When he can, he'll fly all the way to Panama by himself, stay there a couple of years, then fly back here to nest with the other adult birds.

Hawaiian geese just like other geese, mate for life.  While I took this picture, one gave me low warning honks while the other took a drink.
Joseph and I are celebrating our 27th anniversary this month.
I'm so very grateful for an eternal companion who loves me and takes care of me in every way.
He's my "goose".

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