Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Waimea, the Grand Canyon of the Pacific

 Yesterday was a full day (vacation wise).  We made an outing to Waimea Canyon which has been dubbed the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.  And after being there we can see why.  You really don't feel like you're in Hawaii.  Except for looking past the peaks and seeing ocean, much of it could pass for the West.  One obvious difference is the waterfalls.  Um, it was cold too.

 If you look closely in the picture below, you'll notice a waterfall to the left.  We managed to find the trail and hike all the way over there to see it (2 miles, uphill both ways, haha).  It seemed like we went through woods, desert, and jungle to get there.  The rains had made it a little treacherous too.  Joseph took good care of me making sure that I could use his back or arm for support when I needed it.  He's such a good guy!!

The most disconcerting part was walking along or past cliffs that had no railing.  Joseph was sure if our boy scout troop were here they would be trying to see how close to the edge they could get.  Me?  I stayed as far away as I could.  I believe in railings.  We did get quite the view from the top of the falls.

Further up the road from Waimea is Kokee.  This is a beautiful park with a gorgeous overlook.
Part of the valley was in shadow because our hike had taken us further into the afternoon. 
Now, this is Hawaii.

We topped it off with another beautiful sunset.
I was so wiped out that I took a hot bath and crashed early.
Vacationing is hard work!

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