Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas in Utah and talking with our missionary

Merry Christmas from Utah (a day late)!
We have the whole crew here plus my parents.
We've been having a blast here since Saturday night.

The kids all went snowboarding on Monday.  Esther was the only one who skied.  Their muscles are still sore today from the experience.  I stayed home with Abby and took her to Scheels to ride the huge inside ferris wheel and Dad had lunch with the man that helped Sarah get a job interview at the aquarium here.  She got the job!! Yea!!

Christmas Eve we changed the home nativity tradition and went to see it at Temple Square in SLC.  The kids good friend Jared came with us (he's the one with the white knit cap).  He fits right into our family like one of our own.

The great thing about coming to SLC is that we know so many people here that we can visit.  The Hicks are a family that we were friends with in CA, who have since moved here.  We also got to see Dad's brother Robert and his family on Sunday.  Rob and his son Robbie sang in the choir then Robbie gave an excellent talk about Christmas.  After leaving their home, we went to my grandma's house (she's 94!!) to visit with her and my Uncle Doug.  They came over yesterday to our condo to have Christmas dinner with us as well.  Then of course we've got to visit with my sister Julie and her family. They are the reason we are here.  Her daughter Mary (the one sitting on the floor) is getting married tomorrow.  We are so excited for her!  Today we'll spend getting ready for the big day.

Besides the loving spirit of giving Christmas morning, the best time of the day was getting to speak with Elder Whitaker (Jacob) via Skype.  We got to talk with him for an hour!!  We could tell just by looking at him that he is doing really well.  He's been working really hard to share the gospel with others as well as serving them.  As a matter of fact there is a Methodist congregation that just love him and his companion.  Their pastor gives them food all the time.  They have several investigators and 4 baptisms coming up.  It was good to see that he was all smiles.  

Merry Christmas!!

Now on to the wedding!

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