Friday, February 14, 2014

I get valentines every day

A note to my romantic minded children,
Romance is not just in the ambiance of a room, the gifts we give or the butterflies we feel when we're together or even just having a date.
Lasting romance is so much more.
Take a cue from your romantic father, my sweetheart.

My sweetheart is romantic because:
he makes the bed every morning for me
he gets his exercise clothes ready the night before so he doesn't disturb my sleep at 4:00 in the morning.
he calls me every day as he leaves work
he stands up for me when I'm treated unfairly
he always says positive things about me around others whether I'm there or not
he encourages me to do the things that fulfill me
he hugs me when I need it, which is often 
he learned to deal with me holding his hand and kissing him in public 
he'll watch a sappy movie just for me
he  compliments me
he lets me decorate the way I want to
he likes my cooking (when I cook)
he makes sure we have a date every week and a yearly trip with just the two of us
he provides well for me
he thinks of me first
he uplifts me when I'm feeling low
he does everything in his power to make it possible for us to be together for eternity
he tells me I'm his everything.

Follow his lead and whoever you are with will be a happy camper!!
Happy Valentines!

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