Sunday, March 16, 2014

Esther's 12, Adam's married, and Joseph brought all his friends home

The price for not recording our life on a regular basis is a
blog post chalk full.  I won't go in order because I want to start with 
Esther's 12th birthday which we just finished celebrating.
In our family, as it is with a lot of LDS (Mormon) families, 12 is a big year for our children.
They get more responsibilities and more privileges.
Esther's birthday was on Wed which happens to be our church youth night.
I tried to play with her excitement by teasing she couldn't go because she was born too late in the day.    She believed me for a second but since I can't lie very well, 
she quickly started to smile again.
Then today, the whole Young Women's organization went to the Primary room to escort her from the children's area to her new class with the teenagers.
She really hit it big that she also got to go to a fireside tonight to listen to Peter Vidmar, Olympic Gold Medalist.  Her comment afterwards speaks volumes about 
this being a new world for her, "he spoke a long time."
Another rite of passage was getting her ears pierced.  She actually handled it better than I thought she would.  But it all pales in comparison to the iPhone that Dad got her.
I couldn't fit it in the collage below, but you should see the face Bekah is making.
Matthew immediately texted the other kids that Esther got a phone, an iPhone to boot!
Our phones quickly started lighting up with shocked texts from the older kids.
They are in awe that the phone age has been lowered yet again.

Now going back a couple of weeks, Joseph and I flew to Salt Lake to take part in our nephew Adam's wedding.  His sister Mary had just been married in December and I posted about it here.
We were more than willing to go back for such a happy occasion.
It was a lovely ceremony, one of which was the best I've ever been too.
The sealing was done by Elder Backman, an emeritus general authority or leader of the church.
Before he married them, he gave them some sound advice.
If it were possible I would have had a pad of paper and a pencil taking down everything 
he said.  We were all truly inspired to go home and recommit daily to our spouse.
Adam and his bride Mimi were just as cute as could be.
It was also great to spend time with our college kids and my family.

The last event that happened actually coincided with Esther's birthday.
Joseph brought all (or most) of his friends home to spend spring break in California.
They were all in our house!
I thought we might have to use a tent in the back yard, but college kids are pliable
so the boys were willing to sleep on couches and the floor.
They were wonderful guests and quite entertaining.  
I didn't get much sleep cause I just wanted to stay up and listen to their laughter.
By the end of the week they were calling us "Mom" and "Dad".   So cute! 
I certainly felt honored and would have them back any time.

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