Monday, May 26, 2014

3 surgery invalids

We have a house full of invalids this fine Memorial Day.
I only dare show you this picture of Roxie since she is the only one who won't 
object to having her condition immortalized in a photo.
She was spayed last week.  Not fun.
She cried all the way home.  And I mean cried.  She sounded just
like one of my kids.  It totally broke my heart.  We've done
everything to make her comfortable but those first couple of days were tough.  
Her "cone of shame" was the worst.  She kept running into things because she couldn't see.
Then she wouldn't eat and kept throwing up.  The vet fixed her up with subcutaneous water bubbles (you can see the two bumps on her back in the pic) to keep her hydrated and medicine to keep her from vomiting.  It was all downhill from there.  She started to eat and we took the cone off with the
intention of making sure she doesn't mess with her surgery site.
Voila!  Our Roxie came back to us.  
Although she acts normal we have to keep reminding ourselves that she had major surgery.

Dad's being cautious today so we found a much better collar.

The other two surgery victims were Bekah who got her wisdom teeth out and Dad who had a tooth pulled as well (a root canal gone bad).  In our kitchen, we have 6 bottles of medicine to go around.
Although we got a fabulous video of Bekah on the way home from the doctor's office, 
I promised not to share it.
Here are a few of my favorite Bekah quotes:
"My hands are so small"
"Why were we here?" (to get your wisdom teeth out)
"Did we do it?" (yes)
"Where's the sun?"
(We need to get you some medicine)
"But drugs are bad!  I'm not supposed to take drugs"
commenting on the traffic:
"Why aren't all these cars at the school?" (Their grown ups)
And of course she asked "Why?" for every explanation.
It was quite the entertaining conversation.

I'm just grateful today that each of them are feeling better and that we get to
have a quiet peaceful day at home.

I'm also grateful for all those who have served our country in defending our freedoms.
America would be quite different if it weren't for their selflessness and bravery.
Thank you!

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