Monday, May 12, 2014

A few things I love about North Carolina

I posted last week about Kylie's wedding but didn't ever mention the rest of the trip.

You probably know by now that our family loves North Carolina.
We lived there for  a few years, so it kinda grew on us.
The following are just a few items that I love.

Greensboro airport!!  One terminal!!  Enough said.

Our dog Molly, who we had to leave behind.  Such a good dog!

Our friends the Jenkins as well as everyone else we saw.  I wish I had someone following me around to take pictures of everyone I hugged.  I just didn't want to stop talking to use my own camera.
But I did long enough to get this gem of Anna (mother of the bride).

The best part of picking kids up or going on errands, was the beautiful drive to get there.
Pictures just don't do it justice.

We loved having Joseph and Sarah with us and that they could support their friend Kylie.
It was great to see the church building we attended when we lived there too.  

We loved hanging out at the Eldredges (not pictured) and at the Jenkins....

and staring at their view while we talk.

The weather was perfect and the mosquitos minimal.

It's just a beautiful place to be.


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