Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bekah's Mormon Prom "Mo-Pro" 2014

Oh how I wish we had Mormon Prom when I was a teenager!
California seems to do it up really big too.
This year it was at the Natural History Museum with hundreds of kids attending not only our prom but there were other Mormon Proms held there as well.
The numbers to me are staggering!

Bekah was asked by a sweet friend of hers in our ward (church).  
He employed the help of the other boys
to hold up signs asking her out then gave her a rose when he verbally asked her.
It was on youth night so there was quite the group of kids watching it unfold.

The best thing (to me) about her dress that she found online,
was that it didn't need to be altered to make it modest.  Phew!
She looked so beautiful!
Her date wore a Mickey Mouse tie because she likes Disney so much.

 Pinning the boutonniere is always so awkward.
I helped Bekah and her date then I tried to help one of the girls make her wrist corsage tighter when it broke and pearls went everywhere!  
I was horrified!  The kids (especially the boy) joked about it but I know they
were worried.  I had ruined a lovely gesture from him to her.  Ugh!  So I finally took it off her
and tied a knot the best I could so the rest of the pearls wouldn't come off then picked up the pearls on the ground and walked away.  Hopefully it made it through the night.

Aren't the girls pretty!  
I love how their modest dresses emphasize their beauty instead of distorting it.

Okay Mom.  Enough pictures already!

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