Sunday, May 11, 2014

Our missionary, Elder Whitaker called! and Mother's Day is about gratitude

Sometimes the Mother's Day hoopla can create various emotions that 
really weren't meant for the holiday.  At times I've felt embarrassed, overwhelmed, exhausted,
disappointed, self-conscious, undeserving, etc, etc... so I sometimes just want to skip it all together.
But I'm learning that it's not just to thank mothers but to be thankful for being a mother.
This realization came to me this week and I was even reminded of it when the speaker at church said the same thing today.  

So it's fitting that I was able to have all my "reasons to be grateful" 
gather on Skype so we could talk together.
What made it extra special was that we were able to talk with Elder Whitaker (Jacob) who is
serving in Birmingham Alabama.

While on his 2 yr mission, he's only allowed to call twice a year (Christmas and Mother's Day)
so he can keep his focus on the Lord's work.
The next time we talk with him will be when he comes home!!

We were so excited to talk with him that we got a camera for our "smart" TV so we could Skype from the couch.  It took us 45 minutes to figure out that the version we have won't support multiple conversations at the same time.  Plan "B" was to use two computers at home while Rachel called from Idaho and Joseph & Sarah called from Utah.

We got on and talked for 2 hours waiting for Jacob to call.
Not long after several gave up to do other things, I heard that familiar sound of someone trying to Skype us.  It's Jacob!!  Within a matter of seconds everyone was back at their post.

He was at the home of the ward's mission leader along with the other
missionaries in his district (area).  Each one of them introduced themselves and told
us how wonderful Jacob was.  Of course we knew that already but it was fun to hear
them describe him.  It looked like they have a lot of fun together too (lots of laughter and ribbing each other).  

The elder in this picture is actually from Zimbabwe Africa.  He's
going home soon (actually to Utah) but has been able to assimilate "ya'll" into his vocabulary like
a true southerner.  The beautiful african accent gives him away though.

We've seen Jacob grow over the last year and half through reading his letters. 
It was great to actually see that growth in his countenance.
He just radiates.
The other missionaries were quick to mention that he would becoming a Zone Leader
and leaving them.  I could tell he loves the people where he is at, and doesn't want to leave them.  But as we've seen before, he will learn to love his next area just as much.
It's just natural to develop love for someone you are serving.

Which brings me back to Mother's Day.
It's natural for mother's to love their children because they serve them from the moment they dream of them.  But I will say that mother's are the bigger winners because their children change them into better people.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be influenced by such wonderful people.
They truly have made me a better person.
For future reference, I won't avoid Mother's Day anymore.
I'll remember to not only be grateful for my mother but to be grateful for the opportunity to be a mother.

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  1. Yay! It's always SO exciting to talk to your missionary, and even more exciting that he'll be coming home soon. Congrats!
    Thanks for linking up with #MADMLinkUp! xo