Thursday, June 26, 2014

A visitor for Elder Whitaker

My father called me a couple of weeks ago to tell me that
he would be going on a business trip to Alabama
right in the area where Jacob is serving his mission.
He had a question as to whether or not he would be able to visit him.
"Sure!" I told him just as long as he made sure it
was okay with the mission president.  Generally, they discourage visits from
family on a regular basis because it can distract the missionary from their work and 
possibly make them homesick.  That's why we don't talk with him on the phone except for twice a year (Mother's Day & Christmas).  But we do email him weekly.

President Hanks response to Dad's email was a resounding yes!  
He just needed to coordinate it with Jacob's schedule then he gave him his phone number.....
a number I now have because I was copied in.
When I saw it, I got all excited.
It felt weird yet comforting at the same time.
It was like those numbers represented him.  I could easily call him!
But I won't.

The following are some pictures of Jacob (Elder Whitaker) with Grandpa
and at a Mission Leaders Training (he's a Zone leader right now).

Jacob his companion and the missionaries that share an apartment with him.

Dad took them out to a restaurant for a well deserved steak dinner.  I guess they don't get many meals from their ward so they were really appreciative of the meal.  Dad said there wasn't anything left on their plates when they were done.

Desert too!

Can you find Elder Whitaker?  These missionaries are the ones in charge of leading the other missionaries in the mission.
You can't get a sense of it from the picture, but a huge number of them are sister missionaries.
Jacob says they are awesome at the work.

There's that beautiful smile!!

On a less exciting note, I'm still on the couch (3 ½ wks now) but have 
been told I can do more.  So I've driven the car to drop Esther off at the barn, made a couple of my meals, picked up around the house a little (some things I just couldn't bear looking at anymore from the couch), and was able to get my foot wet (briefly).
I was a little nauseous at the beginning of the week when I did these things
but I think it was just because I haven't really exerted myself at all for 3 wks.
It's getting better though.
I still have to stay off my feet for 2 more weeks (6 total) but the good (?) news is 
that I start physical therapy next week to prepare for walking.
No pain, no gain, right?

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  1. Love the pics of your dad with that handsome missionary of yours! Hope all goes well with your physical therapy.