Thursday, June 19, 2014

I spy with my little eye . . .

 Well, I'm still on the couch, but today is the day we get further instructions from the doc.
So, for now . . . couch potato.

I've actually been pretty productive doing family history on the computer, 
reading my scriptures, the Ensign, watching tutorials, and of course healing.
But there was a day this week when the family history sites were down.
It was actually good for me because I needed a break
and a change of pace.
I turned to my camera.
So, not moving from the couch, I took a lot of pictures of what I could see 
while playing around with lenses and settings.
The following are the ones that I liked or at least weren't blurry.

It's been gorgeous outside!  I can't wait till I fully enjoy it again!

Look at that smile!  Yes, she has lost ALL 4 of her front teeth!!  That's a first in our family.
Cool effect!  
My command post which actually is totally trashed at the moment.
This is what has kept me from going crazy.
This is my other main view.  Matthew is obsessed with his computer game.  We have to limit his time and have added a balance of family history work on the computer.
My wreath overhead
Behind me is our puppy waiting for someone to pay her attention.
Abby to the rescue!!
Now off to the doctors!!

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