Friday, June 6, 2014

Having a little couch time

I have been so blessed with physical health all my life.
I had one surgery as a baby but other than that,
 no broken bones,
no stitches,
no sprains,
8 natural births, 
etc, etc.
All that came to an end this week.
Monday, I had surgery on my foot to extract a bone chip that came off my heel and
was floating around in my ankle and to repair a torn ligament.
I didn't talk about it to many people because I was really nervous about all that surgery entails.
The good news is that I woke up (yea!), the ligament didn't need much work, and I
should recover quicker than the doctor originally told me.  Yea! Yea!
Isn't it funny what the mind can do to you?
I had images not waking up, or having a bad reaction to the meds, or the doctor
needing to cut more than he thought.  None of that happened.
What actually put my mind at ease was the blessing of comfort I received from Joseph
the night before.  Through that special prayer, I know that my Heavenly Father loves
me and knows my concerns and worries.  He will take care of me through anything
that may come my way.  I'm so grateful for priesthood blessings
and for being married to a worthy priesthood holder.
Life is good here on the couch!

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