Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My life on the couch

Hello from the couch!!
It's been my "base camp" since my foot surgery a week ago.
I thought I would share a little of my first week being immobile.

Roxie will have nothing to do with me.  She's been scared of the crutches but I think mostly it just spooks her that I'm always on the couch.  I probably smell and look a little funny too.  

Joseph rented this cool knee scooter for me because I was uneasy with the crutches.  I'm not supposed to put any weight on my foot so it was scary to me when I would lose balance.  But the scooter is great!!  The kids love it too!
I gained a new appreciation for washed hair since my foot can't get wet.

My mom has been our real life saver.  She has stepped in and filled all the needs of the family, even Roxie's.

My command center (the pile's a little higher today)

Abby drew a picture of me and her under a rainbow (looking to the future of course).

She also gave me a rose from our yard.
Exciting isn't it?
Another week and a half to see the doctor.
More excitement to come!!

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